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Guar Gum For Cosmetics:

Mostly guar gum  stay on Cold and hot water. So its good thickener agent in cosmetic industry. It is available to white to off white powder.It is extremely use on detergent , soap, Cream & lotions.






Guar Gum For Oil Well Drilling::

When Guar gum used in Oil well drilling muds, gives a batter colloid there by reducing water losses.we have different type of gelling agent available.






Guar gum powder for Food Industry:

Our organic and quality guar gum powder is used for making food and other items like ice cream, In  place of  carbooxymethyl Cellulose objectionable , in Europe , Japan and America for food products.






Guar Gum for Bakery:

Our quality guar gum use in bakery industry , In bread, pastry , some cookies  & Cakes. It keeps the bread smooth, pllable and fresh.







Guar Gum For Feeds:

Our Organic Guar gum is used as a binder in fish feed pellets.